About Us

Deontic Advisors was originally conceptualized and floated by  Truptesh Shah in September 2009, with a core focus on offering plan based solutions. Due to changes in the regulatory environment Deontic Advisors was rebranded as “Deontic Group” in December 2020. Our unbiased and research based advisory approach towards all financial products has enabled us to place the interests of our clients on the foremost front. To achieve this core focus Deontic has setup processes to ensure that all recommendations pass through various rigorous check measures before the same is presented to clients. Every recommendation is thoroughly checked for cross linkages and their effect on other products that are recommended in the wholesome package and also with products that already exist in the clients portfolio.

The solutions and advice offered by Deontic are highly personalized and the service level engagement is essentially woven around the specific requirements of the client.

To take full advantage of all available options, today’s investor needs two things:
We at Deontic have a fiduciary relationship with our clients which means that we are required to act in the best interest of our clients at all times.

We are committed to putting service and quality as our first objective. We offer to our clients, an access to a wide assortment of financial products and services. Our service offerings mostly revolve around writing simple goal based solutions, investments & portfolio advisory, risk & insurance advisory, tax advisory, retirement planning, comprehensive financial plan writing, estate transfer planning and offering trust services….. the list of financial concerns and considerations faced by people today is seemingly endless. And there are no definite answers.

The promoter carries a rich background of having represented and worked in his individual capacity for organizations such as Allegro Capital Advisors,  ASK Wealth Advisors, Citibank,  HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company, HSBC Bank and Way2Wealth. These relevant and varied experience profile of the promoter give Deontic an edge to assimilate and put forth the best practices followed over in the industry and achieve Customer Delight!

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